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Industrial-Grade High Lift Jack Protector

Based in Owosso, Michigan, Jackguard.com is a chief producer of one-of-a-kind auto accessories. Our sturdy jack cover is tailored to fit both 48" and 60" high-lift jacks. Read on for the review of our Jackguard from Off-Road.com™:

• Tool Storage in End Panel
• Available Extension for 60" Jack
• Room for Extra Gloves, Rags, etc. inside the Case
• Designed so That the Jack Can Never Sit in Water
• Carrying Handle Balanced & Large Enough for Use with Heavy Gloves 
• Lockable
• Made of Polyethylene to Withstand Heat & Cold
• Quick-Release Stainless Steel Mounting Straps Available 
• End Clamp Can Remain on Jack if Moved Down Approximately Six Holes 
Why Choose Our Products
There isn't any competition with Jackguard.com, as we are the only company that offers this product in the market. We only deliver top-quality products and we stand behind them. Our cases have garnered only positive reviews throughout the years. Our products are lightweight and well weighted as far as gravity distribution goes. They can easily be mounted on any vehicle, be it vertically, horizontally, partially, or any other way you like.

What Guarantee We Offer
Backed by our two-year product warranty, we encourage you to call us immediately for any damaged item or replacement need. If you are left unsatisfied with our product or if you received a broken item, we will take care of it for you.

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Contact us today in Owosso, Michigan, to learn more about our protective auto
accessories such as our jack cover, which is handy yet built for heavy-duty functions.